Audio Visual Services

Golden Compass provides high quality, dependable audiovisual services without exceeding your budget.
Why Choose Us?
Our AV Team is 100% dedicated to you and your event. Unlike the in-house AV Company at the hotel or resort hosting your meeting. We are not saddled with paying hefty commissions to the venue or concerned about the various other groups with meetings and events taking place during your program. Our focus is on you, your event, and it’s ultimate success.


    • Meeting & Production Management
      • Design of appropriate equipment and crew to match needs of meeting or event
      • Ongoing consultation throughout pre-planning process to meet deadlines
      • Flexibility and preparedness to anticipate changes and additions
      • Management of technical agenda through meeting script
      • Timely delivery of post-event media
    • Video & Projection
      • Presentation projection (SD,HD, LCD, LED)
      • Video distribution, switching, and processing for multi-projection, recording, video conferencing, and webcasting
      • Multi-media playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, Full HD digital platform)
      • Camera production from small single tripod applications to complete multi-camera switching with HD for program recording, including post-editing and online delivery
      • Projection needs for small breakouts to large conference spaces
    • Audio
      • Wired and wireless microphones for podium, panel, lapel, recording, and audience Q&A
      • Speaker support from small breakout rooms to full concert sound packages
      • Mixer and signal processing for PA, recording, teleconference, and webcasting
      • Intercoms for production crew and client
      • Multi-media playback (CD, MP3, hard disk, iPhone/iPad, Direct Interface connections)
    • Lighting
      • Full stage lighting packages
      • Intelligent lighting fixtures and programming for specific event scripts (awards presentations, product reveals, branding)
      • Logo projection and scenic element enhancements
      • Lighting plot design with LED fixtures to reduce electrical usage
      • Indoor/Outdoor accent lighting for improved ambience/theme matching
    • Presenter Support
      • Speaker ready room
      • Speaker timer and presentation script control
      • Presentation editing and hosting
    • Meeting Planner Support
      • Office equipment networking (printers, computers, file-sharing)
      • On-site event communications (walkie-talkies, surveillance sets)
      • Digital reader board monitors
    • General & Technical Staffing

Our technicians are trained in the various disciplines of audiovisuals including, but not limited to: audio, video, projection, camera, lighting, rigging, electrical, webcasting, and presentation design. In addition to the technical aspect of the industry, our technicians are also trained on proper safety standards and policies.