Venue Sourcing and Site Selection

The difference in making an event truly memorable is found in the details. Golden Compass will identify venues that match your exact criteria, negotiate the best rates in that market and strive for the best concessions possible.  Once the venue is discovered, we will facilitate the contracting process with you, as your valued partner. Our process is as follows: 

    • Site Strategy
      • Assess meeting History
      • Set meeting objectives, requirements and budget
    • Evaluate
      • Craft custom RFPs based on meeting requirements
      • Consolidate property options
      • Evaluate venue proposals
    • Negotiate
      • Negotiate with venues
      • Offer recommendations per scope of program
      • Facilitate site visits
    • Execute
      • Recommend the best venue for each specific event
      • Facilitate communications with venue sales executives
      • Bring to the table the best agreement possible for execution